After producing billions of different labels, we believe that there are no secrets in this industry for us. We have been supplying our products and services to various sectors for many years.


Self-adhesive labels without printing

These are the labels most commonly used in warehouse Logistics as well as directly applied to individual products. Unprinted labels can be made on any available self-adhesive material.

  • Thermal (TOP, ECO)
  • Half Gloss Paper (for Thermal Transfer Printing)
  • White and Transparent Film (for Thermal Transfer Printing)
  • White and Transparent Film (Thermal versions)


Thermal transfer ribbons (TTR)


We offer thermal transfer ribbons for label printing. The tapes enable to apply any information, including barcodes. The print on the labels is resistant to abrasion, scratching and chemical agents.
The most commonly used types of black TTR ribbons are available:

  • wax-based
  • wax-resin
  • resinous

In many different widths and lengths.
To suit individual needs.

Self-adhesive labels with printing

Colour labels are printed according to the individual wishes and needs of the Customer. Technical possibilities of printing and refining:

  • We offer printing up to 8 colours
  • Peel off labels up to 3 printing pages
  • Cold Stamping
  • Lamination
  • Printing from the adhesive side

Additional services

  • Technical consultancy and technical support in selecting printing techniques and selecting printed material.
  • Graphic designs, preparation for printing as well as the possibility of applying changes in designs, individual design after prior agreement of conditions.

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